Past Projects

Campaign to End Paediatric HIV/AIDS (CEPA)

HEPS Uganda is lead organization for CEPA campaign which brings together CSOs in service provision and in advocacy in the Campaign to End Paediatric HIV/AIDS (CEPA).

Anti-Counterfeit Goods Bill and Intellectual Property Rights Campaign

In April 2009, HEPS learnt that a Counterfeit Goods Bill to control an upsurge of counterfeits had been prepared by the Ministry of Trade and was on its way to Parliament. The Bill however had serious implications on importation and manufacture of generic medicines.

Stop Stock-outs campaign

Since March 2009 HEPS has led a consortium of 5 CSOs in a campaign, Stop Stock-Outs.

Health Action Rights (HEAR) Project

This is a two year project being implemented in the five Sub Counties of Rwampara County and three zones in Mbarara district. The project aims at increasing citizens’ awareness and demand for health services.