Past Projects

HEPS-Uganda Celebrates 20Years of Service

Different activities are underway to celebrate 20 years of HEPS-Uganda's journey of service.

GAPP Project

With financial support from Governance, Accountability, Participation and Performance Programme (GAPP),HEPS-Uganda is implementing a two years project  with an aim of empowering communities to play a role in ensuring access to quality health services in Uganda

Defeat TB

HEPS Uganda is currently implementing ''Defeat TB project'' in Mukono district with funding from USAID and URC.

Advocacy for Better Health (ABH)

Advocacy for better health was born out of the concern about inefficiencies in the health service delivery, and other weaknesses in the health system that negatively impact on quality, accessibility and availability of health and social services.

ACT Health

There is an increasing interest in practical interventions that rebalance the relationships between state (policy makers, service providers, duty-bearers) and clients (citizens, rights-holders, users of services).

Accountability Can Transform Health (ACT HEALTH)

Accountability Can Transform Health (ACT HEALTH)

Take Stock Project / Campaign

Despite government’s new found commitment to the promotion of family planning and supply chain policy changes, Uganda’s public health care system remains plagued by stock outs of contraceptives at the facility level.

Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA)

The Medicines Transparency Alliance MeTA is a global alliance of governments, pharmaceutical companies, the civil society and other partners working to improve access to medicines by increasing accountability in the healthcare marketplace.

The Common Matters Campaign

Malaria remains biggest single cause of illness and death in Uganda.Yearly, 16 million Ugandans are affected by the disease,and children are most at risk. Nowadays, Rapid Diagnostic Tests are available to test malaria.