Health Policy Advocacy

Under the Health Policy Advocacy, HEPS-Uganda advocates for consumer-friendly health and health related laws and policies at different levels. Through this strategic focus, HEPS-Uganda conducts health policy analysis and research to inform its advocacy initiatives. HEPS-Uganda also builds strategic partnerships with other civil society organisations and institutions that share the same agenda. It also conducts advocacy activities at the various levels of decision making.

The Health Policy Advocacy Programme advocates for consumer-friendly health laws and policies at district, national and international levels. HEPS-Uganda undertakes its advocacy activities through the Uganda Coalition for Access to Essential Medicines (UCAEM).

Through this programme, HEPS-Uganda conducts health policy analysis and research; initiates and actively participates in health policy formulation, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of health laws and policies; disseminates research findings on implementation of health laws and policies to stakeholders; and lobbies policy makers for improved health service delivery in Uganda.

Under the Health Policy Programme, HEPS-Uganda has implemented various successful campaigns, and projects.