What We Do

The Coalition for Health Promotion and Social Development (HEPS-Uganda) is a health and human rights organization that advocates for more access to affordable essential medicines for the poor and vulnerable people in Uganda. This is done through increased public and community participation at different levels of decision making in medicine policy formulation, implementation (procurement and supply chain) and rational use. HEPS-Uganda’s distinctive contribution to the improvement of medicine access situation in Uganda consists of three approaches / strategic programmes as explained below:

  • Community Empowerment; Empowering health consumers, especially the poor and vulnerable, with information that will enable them to know and demand for their health right to access essential medicines and exercise their health responsibility of rational use of medicines. HEPS-Uganda now employs various social accountability methodologies to achieve this objective.
  • Health Policy Advocacy; Advocating for consumer-friendly health laws and policies at all levels through policy analysis & research, policy formulation and monitoring its implementation. Special focus to district health policy, participation/influencing district health plans, bye laws and monitoring implementation.
  • Systems Strengthening Program; To implement the 2 HEPS-Uganda strategic programmes mentioned above, there is need for a strong and sustainable organization. Therefore strengthening the organizational capacity of HEPS-Uganda is the third strategic programme. The main objective of this is ensuring and maintaining an efficient and effective organization offering high quality services and products.