MDP 301

Community Involvement in MDP 301 microbicide trial in Masaka Uganda

This work was conceived as part of the author’s AVAC HIV Prevention Research Advocacy Fellowship. The objective of this survey was to document community experiences and perceptions related to the MDP 301 clinical trial of PRO 2000 candidate microbicide in Masaka, Uganda, as a case study of community engagement around large clinical trials in Uganda.

The MDP 301 was a multi-site, phase III trial conducted in Masaka district, Uganda, and at five other sites in Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa. It started enrolment in September 2005 and ended in September 2009. The final results of this trial, in which a total of 9,385 women volunteers participated, were released in December 2009, showing that PRO 2000 (0.5%) was safe but not effective in preventing HIV infection in women.