Strengthening Women and Girls’ Access and Use of SRHR Services

Poverty is not gender neutral.  More women are affected. In fact, two thirds of the world’s working poor are women.  For young women, living in urban slums, their realities are tough.

Health Facilities in Lira District Equipped to Improve Management of Pre-eclampsia

Health facilities in Lira district have been equipped to improve management of preeclampsia condition.

Uganda Reviews Snakebite Prevention and Management Strategy

HEPS-Uganda, World Health Organisation, Ministry of Health and partners have reviewed the draft Uganda Snakebite Prevention and Management Strategy to guide the country on snakebites.

Lira District Health Facilities Struggle to Manage Mothers with Pre-eclampsia

Health facilities in Lira district   are struggling to manage expectant mothers with pre-eclampsia condition.  



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Empowering Evidence-Driven Advocacy (EEDA) is a three-year project (2017-2020) implemented by

Taking Pre-eclampsia Advocacy to Communities

Sister Doreen Akuno, is a senior medical officer at Lira Regional Referral Hospital.  She had her first child at 18 years  in 2004 and she almost died during the pregnancy  due to pre-eclampsia.

Engaging Communities to Prevent Maternal Mortality due to Unsafe Abortion

HEPS-Uganda has for the last three years been supporting communities to find measures to prevent maternal mortality due to unsafe abortion in Kamuli district.

HEPS-Uganda Rallies Partners for Quality Malaria Commodities

HEPS-Uganda in conjunction with Ministry of Health regularly brings together importers of malaria commodities to discuss issues of quality and prices in a bid to have quality, affordable to the population.   Recently there have b

Community Scorecards on HIV/AIDS Service Delivery

Since 2014, HEPS Uganda and other national level organisations have been involved in PEPFAR Country Operational Plan (COP) development processes and monitoring i

MeTA Advocates for a Special Budget for Pre-eclampsia Medicines

 Medicines Transparency Alliance-MeTA under the Health Systems Partnership  (HSAP) project has recommended that the government of Uganda ring fences a special budget for the procurement of drugs for treatment of diarrhea, pneumonia in childr