Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus set to stay on as WHO chief

By Aljazeera, October 29, 2021. 


The World Health Organization has said that its director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is running unopposed for a second five-year term. 


How Uganda’s thriving tobacco withered and went up in smoke

The East African, October 28, 2021.


Between 2017 and 2019, NIMA Tobacco Company, Continental Tobacco and Tropical Leaf Company failed to pay a total of $3 million for the tobacco leaf they got from farmers in the Bunyoro sub-region, one of the areas where many farmers grew tobacco.


Gov’t considers digital tracking system for HIV patients

The Independent;October 29, 2021


The Uganda Aids Commission is mooting for a centralized digital tracking system for persons enrolled on Anti-Retroviral Therapy-ART, to ensure effective management of HIV.



New study to assess potency of six monthly injection for HIV prevention

The Independent, October 27, 2021.


Researchers will in December enroll the first participants in a clinical trial in which they are testing the effectiveness of a new HIV drug, Lenacapavir in protecting people against the virus. 



Activists appeal for more research to control tobacco use

The Independent; October 27, 2021

Activists involved in tobacco control are calling upon African governments to fund scientific research aimed at eliminating the use of tobacco-related products. 



Drug-resistant typhoid cases rise, say scientists

By The East African 


Scientists have warned of a “dramatic” increase in the number of multidrug-resistant typhoid, a bacterial disease spread through contaminated food, water, or close contact.



Syringe shortfall threatens Africa’s COVID vaccine drive

By Aljazeera 


UNICEF, the United Nation’s fund for children, is predicting an “imminent shortfall” of up to 2.2 billion of the single-use syringes used to give jabs, WHO Africa said.



Gum disease and diabetes

Daily Monitor, October 25, 2021. 


Gum disease begins with an accumulation of microorganisms including bacteria around your teeth, forming plaque. This plaque irritates your gums and brings inflammation (gingivitis) which manifests with reddening, swelling and sometimes bleeding of the gums, especially when brushing your teeth. 



National Drug Authority impounds fake veterinary drugs in Kalungu District

New Vision, By John Odyek


During the operation, most of the drug outlets inspected had poor storage which leads to drugs deterioration. Some veterinary drug shops were also found selling veterinary vaccines without adequate refrigeration facilities which the compromise quality of the vaccines and make them less effective.



WHO kicks off a Decade of Action for Road Safety

Globally, over 3500 people die every day on the roads, which amounts to nearly 1.3 million preventable deaths and an estimated 50 million injuries each year – making it the leading killer of children and young people worldwide.