HEPS-UGANDA: Implementation of the Intellectual Property Rights Activities

26 Apr, 2014

May 2012 is the period HEPS-Uganda has set for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Activity Implementation under its Health Policy Advocacy (HPA) program.
The Objective of the Intellectual Property Right Implementation is to Influence development of National Policy framework on IPR and to also enhance CSO & Public’s Awareness & understanding of IPR & Access to Essential Medicines.

IPR Implementation Program is funded by OSIEA and in the following are the activities planned for this period:
HEPS will be Monitoring the progress of the Anti- Counterfeit Goods Bill No.22/2010 and the Industrial Property Bill, 2009 before the 9th Parliament Legal Committee.
There shall also be Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues with; MPS, Media Houses and relevant CSOS.

Trainings on IPR for UCAEM (Uganda Coalition for Access to Essential Medicines) Partners in Kampala and CSOS & Health Workers in Mbarara will also be another activity slated for this period.
Another is Press Conferences on IP & Access to Essential Medicines with key focus on the Anti-Counterfeit Goods and Industrial Property Bills.
Massive TV Campaigns using Cartoon Strips on IP & Access to Essential Medicines with intent to influence the enactment of the Anti-Counterfeit Goods and Industrial Property Legislations that do not impact negatively on Access to Medicine and Public Health in general.
Coordination of IPR CSOS to safeguard Uganda’s interests in IPR is the last.