Community Involvement in HIV Prevention Research

09 Dec, 2010

Experiences and perceptions of communities participating in the MDP 301 microbicide trial in Masaka, Uganda

The MDP 301 microbicide trial site in Masaka registered many successes in community engagement at the Masaka site: the trial worked with a broad range of stakeholders; took advantage of opportunities presented by stakeholder forums to provide information; responded to issues that arose from the community; and established a network of community-level contact persons through whom information was channelled to and from the host community. Future trials should adopt these strategies, and do better on aspects that did not work well in the MDP 301 trial.



For instance, some sections of the community still felt left out of the trial process; not all volunteers received trial results promptly; some key stakeholders at the national level seemed left out of the results preparation activities; and the community found it difficult to come to terms with a flat result. The concept of the CAB needs rethinking to clarify and define its size, composition, selection criteria, functions, mandate and funding.

Detailed Report on Community Involvement in HIV Prevention Research available for DOWNLOAD HERE