HEPS Uganda Annual Report 2010

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In terms of our planning cycle, 2010 was also the year our strategic plan (2005-10) ended and the process of drawing a new one for the next five years (2011-15) started. As the rest of this report demonstrates, it was another positive year and wrap up of our 2005-2010 strategic plan. The membership grew by 185 in 2010 alone; our outreach activities touched more than 12,000 people at the grassroot community level; and we are proud to have participated in processes that reformed the medicine procurement system, which saw the availability of essential medicines in the government health facilities improve by up to 20%.

Our community work extended to one more district (Ntungamo) and we strengthened our advocacy capacity through maintaining and expanding our civil society networks. We maintained our coordination role for the Uganda Coalition for Access to Essential Medicines (UCAEM), where we were joined five new civil society partners and campaigned with one voice for an end stock-outs of essential medicines, promoted access