HEPS Uganda Annual Report 2009

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At the organisational level, HEPS-Uganda expanded its community work to two new districts, and as a consequence, expanded its community membership. We were able to maintain our existing partners and bring onboard new ones. We have strengthened our advocacy capacity through maintaining and expanding our civil society networks. Through these networks, HEPS implemented the stop stock-outs campaign, medicine transparency advocacy , monitoring of medicine prices, and initiated the campaign to end paediatric HIV/ AIDS.
Projects implemented to monitor the implementation of public health policy were in the areas of tracking essential medicines financing, documenting the experiences of HIV-positive women with the routine testing and counselling (RTC) policy, assessing the availability and management of essential AIDS and TB medicines and diagnostics, survey of Uganda’s pharmaceutical situation, and monitoring reproductive health service delivery.

As far as influencing the formulation of health policy is concerned, HEPS undertook advocacy campaigns independently and in partnership with other CSOs to respectively influence the anti-counterfeiting bill and the HIV Prevention and Control Bill 2008. These activities saw increased media coverage of the issues of concern in the draft health laws in the mass media and generated public debate.