HEPS Uganda Annual Report 2007

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During 2007, HEPS-Uganda continued to reach out to communities in the area of empowerment on health rights and responsibilities; operationalising an independent feedback mechanism for health consumers at both the district and national levels; advocating for more access to essental medicines, availabilty of services for maternal health and HIV/ AIDS patients and as well as for pro-health laws and policies.

It is a major concern that community outcries against illegal fees in public health facilities, more than seven years since government abolished cost sharing have not been given an ear. The lack of access to essentail medicines tops the list of the most abused health rights cited by health consumers, and communities lack an effective feedback mechanism because community representatives on health centre management committees is either ineffective or just not there. The culture of silence by communities continued to be a barrier to increased demand for transparency and accountabilty from government and implementers. HEPS-Uganda continued to bring these issues to attention of policy makers as you will read in this report.