HEPS Uganda Annual Report 2006

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Specific objectives of the year 2006

The activities for the year were aimed at:

  • Empowering health consumers, especially the poor and vulnerable, by training them and disseminating information on health rights and responsibilities
  • Advocate for consumer-friendly health laws and policies at district, national and international levels
  • Advocate for improvements in medicine procurement, supply and pricing systems in order to increase availability and affordability of essential medicines in both the public and private sectors in Uganda
  • Providing an unbiased channel to allow consumers to voice health complaints on access to health services and receive professional support in their efforts to redress and create a feedback mechanisms to government and health providers.
  • Influencing the patent Law Reform Process in Uganda to ensure inclusion of health safeguards in the draft Industrial Property Bill
  • Coordinating and increase consumer participation in activities of the UCEA
  • Working within the frame work of the Uganda Country Working Group under the WHO/HAI Africa collaboration.