Deadlier mosquito from Asia linked to new malaria outbreaks in Africa

As Africa grapples with eliminating malaria, a new deadlier mosquito species that arrived inside shipping containers from Asia has been spotted in Ethiopia


How you're born alters vaccines' power

How we are born - by Caesarean-section or vaginal delivery - alters how our immune system responds to vaccines, a Scottish and Dutch study suggests.  


Game-changing type 1 diabetes drug approved in the US

Experts say teplizumab marks a "new era" in treatment, tackling the root cause of the condition for the first time, rather than just the symptoms.


Sperm count declining at accelerating rate worldwide- new study

Between 1973 and 2018, the concentration of sperm in men not known to be infertile fell by more than 51 percent, from 101.2 million to 49 million sperm per millimeter of semen, the new study found


Deep rift over climate cash clouds end of COP27

The idea of phasing down the use of all fossil fuels to limit the rise in temperatures is also the subject of a deep rift as the COP27 talks wind up.


Bad breath: Does a rinse or mouthwash help?

Mouthwash can help improve your oral health. Rinsing with plain water after meals or use of a prescribed mouthwash is among the ways of cleansing your mouth although brushing and flossing are the only way to completely remove food particles.


Lost your appetite? Here's what to do about it

If you're struggling to enjoy food, consider eating small meals throughout the day rather than battling with one big meal at prescribed breaks.


Swap climate short-sightedness for long-term vision at COP27

While climate chaos gallops ahead, action to address the root causes and effects has stalled, United Nations chief Antonio Guterres warned world leaders ahead of COP27, the 2022 global climate summit


Japan gov’t urged to end free COVID-19 vaccinations

An advisory panel for the finance minister proposes that the Japanese government end free-of-charge coronavirus vaccinations, highlighting concerns over a further increase in its financial strain.


HIV/AIDs kills 17,000

 The report also shows that the infection rate among children born to mothers living with HIV increased from 1.7% last year to 2.7% this year due to poor adherence to treatment.