Health practitioners want increased contraceptives to use awareness in varsities

Most female students at institutions of higher learning are reportedly sexually active but many cannot access better use of preventive measures against unwanted pregnancies


The magic-mushroom drug can treat severe depression, the trial suggests

A trial shows that a drug based on a compound in hallucinogenic mushrooms can improve the symptoms of severe depression for up to 12 weeks.


Covid-19 vaccination in Africa stagnates as the number of jabs administered drops below 50pc

Vaccine hesitancy and a low-risk perception of the pandemic, notably with the recent decline in cases, are also dampening uptake


Osteoporosis: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

When an individual has osteoporosis, they are at a greater risk for sudden and unexpected bone fractures.


The world population at 8 billion humans, still growing

Given the increase in life expectancy as well as the number of people of childbearing age, the UN projects the population to continue growing to about 8.5 billion in 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050, and a peak of about 10.4 billion in the 2080s


Health must be front and center in the COP27 climate change negotiations

COP27 will be a crucial opportunity for the world to come together and re-commit to keeping the 1.5 °C Paris Agreement goal alive.


The benefits of adaptive sports activities

Exercising and participating in sports should be enjoyed by all people irrespective of their physical abilities.


Toxic pesticides banned in Europe are being peddled to Global South farmers

Pesticides that are no longer allowed for use in countries where they are manufactured in the European Union due to their potentially harmful human health and environmental impacts are being pushed to countries in the Global South, a new report on pesticide use released in Kenya has shown.


WHO sounds alarm over suicides in Africa

Six of the 10 countries with the greatest suicide rates in the world are in Africa, and the continent's per-suicide rate is more than a fifth higher than in other regions, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.