UNICEF and WHO warn of a perfect storm of conditions for measles outbreaks, affecting children

By WHO; 

Reported worldwide measles cases increased by 79% in the first 2 months of 2022, compared to the same period in 2021, as WHO and UNICEF warn conditions ripe for serious outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses


Ministry of Health to vaccinate children against COVID-19 next month

By the Independent; 

The Ministry of health will start vaccinating children against COVID-19 next month, health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng has said.


How the Lubowa project left taxpayers Shs359b poorer

By Daily Monitor; 

The developer of Lubowa Specialised Hospital was advanced 20 percent payment of the project’s total sum even before any work on the site commenced, an investigation by this publication has discovered


Exercise is good for joints with wear-and-tear arthritis

By BBC; 

Exercise is good for people with wear-and-tear joint arthritis and should be a "core treatment", new draft guidelines for the NHS advise.


Covid-19: Kenyans brace for the sixth wave

By The East African; 

Scientists have warned of the sixth wave of Covid-19 and asked Kenyans not to drop their guard. 


Education Minister Janet Museveni calls for more support for medical colleges

By NTV; 

The ministry of education and sports Janet Museveni has asked for an increase in the number of staff in training facilities and medical schools to improve on the quality of training to learners which currently stands at 41% capacity.


‘Humanized Mice’ arrive in Uganda, breeding starts for COVID-19 vaccine trials

By the Independent; 

Two pairs of ‘humanized mice’ to be used in Uganda’s COVID-19 vaccine trial have finally arrived after more than a year of waiting, Dr. David Serukka who heads Vaccine Research at the Science and Innovations Ministry confirms.


Adenovirus probable cause of mysterious child hepatitis

By BBC; 

Health officials say there is mounting evidence that a common virus is linked to rare cases of hepatitis that have been occurring in some young children.

Globally, there have been 169 cases recorded and one death.


Do fibroids cause infertility?

By Daily Monitor; 

Although Ugandans believe that fibroids cause infertility, many women with fibroids are able to get pregnant and deliver a normal baby. 


Museveni prefers scientists as workers demand minimum wage

By the Independent; 

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has maintained his stand on prioritizing better payment of civil servants in science-related fields as workers push for the harmonization of salaries across the board and enactment of a minimum wage. 


WHO reveals shocking extent of exploitative formula milk marketing

By WHO; 

The global formula milk industry, valued at some US$ 55 billion, is targeting new mothers with personalized social media content that is often not recognized as advertising. 


Kenya studies two antimalarial drugs to confirm the efficacy

By the East African; 

Kenya’s Ministry of Health is studying two medicines used to treat malaria in hospitals to check whether they are still effective.