RH Project Community Score Card process kicks off

06 Jul, 2015

The process developing a Community Score Card for the reproductive health project promoting access to a full, free and informed family planning choice kicked off with the training of 350 community monitors in 8 sub counties in Kamuli district and 4 sub Counties in Mbarara from 24th June to 3rd July 2015. The score card is going to be used in the project as a contraceptive choice barometer.The local community authorities welcomed the initiative by HEPS Uganda to help people have better access to family planning services. “We have been neglected for a long time. Thank God HEPS has come to our rescue. Our people need to be sensitized about family planning, there are so many young people getting unwanted pregnancies who have ended up dying trying to abort.” Said Kisoma Juma, the LCIII chairperson of Bulopa Sub County.

Through this project, HEPS Uganda is targeting policy makers and other relevant stakeholders at both national and district level to address gaps on budget allocation and the supply barriers that lead to contraceptive stock-outs in countrywide health facilities. HEPS generating demand at the community level by empowering women and youth to make informed decisions on Family Planning and demand government accountability for effective service provision.