HEPS Uganda on for renewed strategic plan 2016/2020

19 Oct, 2015

HEPS Uganda conducted a strategic planning week in the month of September where a new strategic plan 2016-2020 was developed. The activities attracted all HEPS staff from regional offices of Western, eastern and Northern Uganda.

 During the same week, staff underwent team building sessions which were led by John Maxwell Team builders Elaine and Cheryl Jacobs from South Africa. Among the things the staff was inducted on included how to be more productive and efficient at work, time management skills and further career development.

The strategic planning sessions were facilitated by Mr. Bernard from Management Centre, London, UK and involved staff members and board members. 2015 is the last year of HEPS Uganda’s second strategic plan which has been running from 2010.

Mr. Denis Kibira, the Acting Executive Director underscored the activity as very important on the organisations calendar, as it is a forecast of the programs to run for the next five years. He thanked the board, staff members and the facilitators who made it possible to have a successful planning week.

Meanwhile, HEPS Uganda renewed the organisation values from four to twelve. A new catch phrase, “HEPSINESS” was also coined to describe these set of new values and HEPS culture.