Juliet Katushabe- Program Officer Community HIV interventions

HEPS-Uganda and partners have launched the health sector accountability platform. The platform was born out of the Accountability Can Transform Health (ACT Health) program.

ACT Health was a governance program for the health sector that ran from 2014 to 2018.

With funding from DFID, ACT Health worked with communities and health service providers in 18 districts to address gaps and quality issues in service delivery. The launch of the accountability platform coincided with the launch of the accountability working paper that highlights learning and outcomes from ACT Health.

The paper titled; Bottom-up accountability in Uganda: Learning from people-centered multi-level advocacy campaigns – among others details the concept of people-centered advocacy, the positive changes registered in areas where the ACT Health program was implemented, and offers recommendations to strengthen health systems and accountability.  The paper further underlines the fact that independent, bottom-up advocacy and monitoring trigger top-down system responses, changing accountability relationships.