HEPS forms partnership for Health Systems Advocacy

05 Apr, 2016

HEPS Uganda last month formed part of a new partnership, Health Systems Advocacy (HSA) together with Health Action International (HAI), AMREF, WEMOS and ACHEST. With Funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the project’s goal is to improve access to SRH services with a focus on strengthening two blocks of health systems (human resources for health and medicines and commodities).

). It is a five year program worth Euro 6.4m per year (total Euro 32m) and will run from January 2016 and end in December 2020. 3 African countries will be involved in program including Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. HAI is responsible for one block of medicines and commodities and HAI/HEPS Uganda will form the hub of coordination of this work. HAI/HEPS role will be as below:

- Provide tools and training for measurement of medicines and commodities

- Provide policy advocacy training on SRH commodities

- Facilitate multi-stakeholder platforms based on MeTA model

Partnership country leads will be as follows: AMREF HQ-Kenya, ACHEST-Uganda and HAI-Zambia will coordinate country work. AMREF and HAI will conduct country advocacy (HRH and medicines and commodities respectively), ACHEST will coordinate regional advocacy and WEMOS and HAI will lead global advocacy.