DVI project in Mukono District

HEPS - Uganda under the Disseminating Vaccination Information via customized baby soap packaging (DVI) project, has undertaken the collection of data on people’s knowledge, attitudes, and practices on immunization.

The Data was collected from 828 pregnant women and caregivers of children under five years in Mukono District.

This activity covered four sub-counties of Kasawo, Seeta Namuganga, Nama, and Nakisunga in April 2021.

Kasawo and Seeta Namuganga are the control while Nama and Nakisunga are the intervention sub-counties. In the control sub-counties, data was collected at pre-intervention and will also be collected at the post-intervention stage without distribution of the soap, while in the intervention sub-counties, besides collecting data, 414 respondents also received 6 pieces of Baby Junior soap each.

This soap; a product of MOVIT Products Limited is packaged along with information inserts. The inserts have the national immunization schedule, the key messages, and a poster on immunization to increase awareness among the respondents and improve their practices on immunization. The project is still ongoing.