Contraceptive Choice Campaign: HEPS concludes journalist’s training

22 May, 2015

HEPS Uganda successfully completed a two day training for journalists based in the cluster districts of Mbarara, Isingiro, Kiruhura and Kamuli where reproductive health projects to increase family planning choice and accountability for contraceptive stock-outs are being implemented. The training took place from 21st to 22nd May at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel, Ndeeba, Kampala.The journalists were trained in the web based TRAC FM software which is going to be used to map out people’s perceptions and experiences of contraceptive stock-outs

and how they affect choice in family planning.

Trac FM is an online software platform serving Radio stations, NGO’s and Government bodies with the ability to hold citizen centered interactive Radio polls through a visualization dashboard that creates unique crowd-sourced Feedback Loops.

Trac FM has a unique approach to involve citizens in collectively monitoring government service delivery and debate on important social issues. With the custom-made Trac FM software, radio stations turn passive radio listeners into active participants. Simple, trusted and widespread formats and technologies like Radio talk-shows and free SMS make the platform very popular.

During the training, the Executive Director of HEPS Uganda, Ms Rosette Mutambi called on journalists and the media fraternity at large to hold onto their bargain in on issues of advocacy for a healthier and socially developed country.

“we have to make sure that the media and civil society keep up a sustainable relationship. The media is a very big stake holder in promoting national development through advocacy, you must hold on to your roles as the media.” She said.